About us


We have been shouting out about sport in this county for 40 years and successfully promoted sporting opportunities, advised on sporting priorities,  and made sure your voice is heard when decisions about UK sport are made.

We started life as Hereford City Sports Council in 1978, later becoming ‘Herefordshire Sports Council’ and then, 10 years ago, became Herefordshire Sport. But our priorities remain the same, and the work we do has just got bigger, better and more exciting every year.

Herefordshire Sport is the place for up to date news and information on county sport organisations and events and – crucially – the space where we can share information and best practise.

Herefordshire Sport is the place where your sporting achievements are recognised, not least through our annual Sports Personality of the Year Awards.

Herefordshire Sport fights for and promotes access to sport and sporting equality across the county.

Herefordshire Sport recognises the priorities (notably membership, finances and facilities, disability provision, young players, coaching and players success) of sports organisations in the county.

Herefordshire Sport works with a whole range of organisations including:

  1.   Herefordshire Council Sports Development (providing access to help and advice on sports development across the county and up to date information on  financial aid for sport) and County GBs (Herefordshire Governing Bodies of Sport)
  2.   Herefordshire & Worcestershire Sports Partnership (the sub-regional level of Sport England);
  3.   Herefordshire School Sports Partnerships (the Partnership Development Managers working out of Whitecross and Minster Sports Colleges);
  4.   Halo Leisure – Herefordshire Community Leisure Trust (the social enterprise responsible for the management of Herefordshire Council Sports and Leisure facilities);
  5.   Herefordshire Voluntary Action (which provides a source of advice and support for community and voluntary groups in Herefordshire);
  6.   RNC – Royal National College for the Blind (we worked, for example to promote the 2010 Blind Football  World Championships which was a qualifier for London 2012);
  7.   HOP/WHOP – Herefordshire Olympic/Paralympic Group working to optimise the benefits and legacy of London 2012 for Herefordshire  and (WHOP) Worcestershire & Herefordshire Partnership Group;
  8.   Worcester University (providing specialist advice and access to sports science technology);
  9.   Herefordshire Cultural Consortium  (a forum for all cultural organisations in Herefordshire)
  10.   Herefordshire Activity Network  (a partnership of organisations involved in providing sports, physical activity and leisure opportunities in Herefordshire)


Reap the benefits of membership?

Via a small fee (from £20) this gives you chance to be part of the decisions that are made in this county, and direct contact with the right people who can advise and support you on a whole range of sporting issues.

Affiliation Fees:

One Year – £20.00
Two Years – £37.00
Three Years – £55.00
Four Years – £70.00

Affiliation Forms available from;

circlesHonorary Secretary
Bryan White,
27 Tower Road,
Hereford HR4 0LF
01432 356757