About us

logo‘Herefordshire Sport’ began life as ‘Hereford City Sports Council’ in 1978, later becoming ‘Herefordshire Sports Council’ and in  2008 was re-branded ‘HEREFORDSHIRE SPORT’

Our Aims are:

  • To promote sporting opportunities for Herefordshire
  • To represent  Herefordshire sport at decision  making levels
  • To advise on sporting priorities


  • provides up to date, relevant news and information for county sports organisations and acts as the conduit for such organisations to share information and experiences.
  • gives the opportunity  to recognise and reward sporting succes and achievement through the annual Sports Personality of the Year Awards
  • works to seek out and promote sporting talent in Herefordshire through the ‘HEREFORDSHIRE SPORTS ASPIRE’ project
  • seeks to instil the ethos of sporting equality in Herefordshire

‘HEREFORDSHIRE SPORT’ works with numerous local and regional organisations to promote the interests of sport in the county, viz:

Herefordshire Council Sports Development – providing access to help and advice on sports development across the county and up to date information on  financial aid for sport

Herefordshire & Worcestershire Sports Partnership – the sub-regional level of Sport England

Herefordshire School Sports Partnerships – the Partnership Development Managers working out of Whitecross and Minster Sports Colleges

Halo Leisure – Herefordshire Community Leisure Trust – the Charitable organisation  responsible for the management of Herefordshire Council Sports and Leisure facilities

Herefordshire Voluntary Action – provides a source of advice and support for community and voluntary groups in Herefordshire

RNCB – Royal National College – working to promote the 2010 Blind Football  World Championships and as a holding and training camp for Olympic/Paralympic teams for 2012

HOP/WHOP – Herefordshire Olympic/Paralympic Group working to optimise the benefits and legacy of London 2012 for Herefordshire  – WHOP – Worcestershire & Herefordshire Partnership Group

Worcester University – providing specialist advice and access to sports science technology

Herefordshire Cultural Consortium – a forum for all cultural organisations in Herefordshire

HAN – Herefordshire Activity Network
– a partnership of organisations involved in providing sports, physical activity and leisure opportunities in Herefordshire

County G.B.s – Herefordshire Governing Bodies of Sport


‘HEREFORDSHIRE SPORT’ – recognises the priorities of sports organisations in Herefordshire:

  • Your membership
  • Your facilities
  • Your finances
  • Your young players
  • Your disability provision
  • Your coaching
  • Your playing success



Provides affiliated organisations with a means of access to decision making levels in the county and contact with the right people for particular issues.  Thirty years of working for sport in Herefordshire has given a unique perspective and appreciation of the needs of sports organisations and routes to help achieve development and success.

Affiliation Fees:

One Year – £20.00
Two Years – £37.00
Three Years – £55.00
Four Years – £70.00

Affiliation Forms available from;

circlesHonorary Secretary
Bryan White,
27 Tower Road,
Hereford HR4 0LF
01432 356757